Video Monet® by Optical Fusion for Video Conference Calls


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Thank you for downloading Video Monet®(V-Mo™) for your Mac.


If your download does not begin momentarily, Click here to try again.


If your MAC does not let you install Video Monet® you will need to modify your security settings as follows:

  1. Go to Settings-> Security & Privacy > General
  2. In the section “Allow apps downloaded from:”, select the option “Mac App Store and identified developers” as shown below

  3. Next install Video Monet®
  4. When you run the app for the first time you will be prompted with the message displayed below; click Open.


The following is a list of the major features (patent pending on many innovative techniques):


  • Very easy to use (tested on new users without a manual and without help!).

  • Multi-point capability.

  • Audio/Video synchronization based on a patent pending algorithm.

  • Ability to put calls on hold, combine calls (merge), join later, etc.

  • Scheduling conferences with iterative feedback on dates and time.

  • Message Center for leaving video message, forwarding, replying, etc.

  • Private interaction between any two parties during a multi-point/multi- person call.

  • Customization of experience by adjusting each user video/audio as necessary in an ongoing call.
  • Noise cancellation.

  • Echo cancellation (hands-free communications) based on a patent pending algorithm.

  • Ability to record calls.

  • Online account management with full history of calls.