Video Monet® by Optical Fusion for Video Conference Calls


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Thank you for downloading Video Monet®(V-Mo™) for Windows.


If your download does not begin momentarily, Click here to try again. If your browser blocks the download, then set your browser to allow the download by clicking on the message that appears towards the top of your browser window in IE 8 or earlier.


Or that appears towards the bottom of your browser window in IE 9


Click Run to download and install Video Monet®. Once download completes, ie9 will display the following towards the bottom of the window.

download message

Click on the button that is labeled Actions. A window will popup. Select the Run Anyway option.


The following is a list of the major features (patent pending on many innovative techniques):



  • Very easy to use (tested on new users without a manual and without help!).

  • Multi-point capability.

  • Audio/Video synchronization based on a patent pending algorithm.

  • Ability to put calls on hold, combine calls (merge), join later, etc.

  • Scheduling conferences with iterative feedback on dates and time.

  • Message Center for leaving video message, forwarding, replying, etc.

  • Private interaction between any two parties during a multi-point/multi- person call.

  • Customization of experience by adjusting each user video/audio as necessary in an ongoing call.
  • Noise cancellation.

  • Echo cancellation (hands-free communications) based on a patent pending algorithm.

  • Ability to record calls.

  • Online account management with full history of calls.