Video Monet® by Optical Fusion for Video Conference Calls


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Video Monet® Features

Easily make video calls to one or more people simultaneously. The standards-based feature-rich system, to make video calls and video conference calls, is extremely easy to use and very flexible.

Multipoint video conference calls.

Optical Fusion’s Video Monet® is a full-fledged multipoint videoconferencing service. With it you can make a one-to-one video call or use its video conference call capability to call multiple people in different locations at once.

High Definition (HD) video calls.

Video Monet® supports high definition video calling and video conference calling. It automatically adjusts the quality of the video call based on a combination of available bandwidth and hardware capabilities.

Schedule conferences with feedback.

Through Video Monet®, video conference calls can be scheduled in advance. The scheduler has the option of specifying up to three alternate times/dates for the participants to choose from.

Put calls on hold, combine calls, join calls.

With Video Monet®, video calls can be put on hold; this, for example, frees the user to participate in another call. Two calls (whether video conference calls or only audio conference calls) can be merged (or combined) to create one video (audio) conference call.

Leave video messages.

Video Monet® includes a full-fledged message center. Here you can see and hear messages from other users, you can reply to the message with another message, forward the message to others, or create a new message.

Record video conference calls.

Video Monet® includes the ability to record any call. The recording can be started by anyone in the call (whether it is a one-to-one call or a multi-party conference call). In the interests of privacy, when someone initiates recording, all other parties in the call are informed that recording is about to start and they can opt out of the recording by exiting the call.

Echo and noise cancellation.

Optical Fusion’s Video Monet® incorporates patent-pending echo and noise cancellation algorithms which allows users to do hands-free video conference calling. A good echo cancellation also means that in a multiparty video conference call, participants can talk simultaneously as they would in a meeting room.

Audio/Video synchronization.

Video Monet® incorporates a patent-pending Audio/Video synchronization algorithm to make all video conference calls more natural. Lip movements are in synchronization with the audio playback.

Personal customization of video/audio.

When using Video Monet®, the user experience in a video conference call is greatly enhanced through the use of various customization options.

Instant messages.

Through Video Monet® you can send instant messages to one or more online and offline users. Users can retrieve archived messages, as well as clear the archived messages.

File transfer.

Video Monet® allows you to transfer files during any call (video call, audio call, or conference call). Any type of file (photograph, text, spreadsheet, etc) can be transferred to one or all in the conference call.

Very easy-to-make video conference calls.

The Video Monet® system is very easy-to-use and has been tested with several users who have been satisfied. All features such as video calls (or video chat), multipoint video conference calls, scheduled calls, video message box,instant messages, customization, HD video, recorded calls, file transfer are easily accessible.

Share your desktop.

Share your screen with one or more of your contacts to allow them to view presentations for business purposes, view photos on your desktop application, and much more, while in a video conference with each other.

Managed calls.

This first version of managed calls allows you to teach courses where registered students on the call list can watch the live video course and interact with the instructor through video, audio, and text chat; however the students do not see each other’s video but only hear each other’s audio.


Use your phone, tablet, or computer to broadcast live video to your contacts. You can use this format in compelling ways to teach courses, showcase your talents, have your friends follow your adventures in real time, and much more.