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Video conferencing, desktop sharing, and broadcast calls


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A Comprehensive Video Communications Solution

Video Monet® is changing the way we communicate by providing a high definition comprehensive multipoint videoconferencing solution that runs on mobile devices and all devices running either Windows, Android, MAC, and iOS systems. V-MO™ provides a dedicated conference-room like experience without custom hardware or software; it contains a comprehensive suite of features.

Business Collaboration

Collaborate effectively across the world through conference rooms, computers, and mobile devices. With full HD video, make a conference call on the fly, schedule a conference, record a conference call for future publication, leave video voicemail, and more. All this and more with full duplex echo cancellation and AES security.

Keep your Friends and Family Close

Never be too far away from your loved ones. Now everyone is just a touch away, and with HD Video they appear to be next to you. Call them on their mobile phones, tablets, computers, or any device that runs Windows, MAC, Android, or iOS.

Modular Architecture

Cutting-edge, proven, modularly designed, fully-tested, and functional technology for all major platforms. Eight patents issued.


When a 19yo girl developed a catastrophic "flesh eating bacteria" infection of her lower lip and neck after a routine wisdom teeth removal, she lost her entire lower lip. We fixed this through a novel micro reconstructive surgery operation. We wanted to demonstrate the success of this novel method in the ASRM meeting, where we hoped to win the "Best Case of the Year" award. We needed video footage of the patient who lives in a very remote place in northwest Big Island, Hawaii. We first tried Skype. However the quality with Skype was poor: the video was freezing and audio was breaking. Then we found a new service called Video-Monet (V-MO). V-MO allowed sending videomail with high quality video/audio and worked like a charm under the same internet condition and computer conditions. As a result we could demonstrate the success of our surgery and we won the award. Without V-MO demonstrating the patient's lower lip function, we would have never won the "Best Case of the Year".

Dr. Gregory Buncke, M.D., Plastic Surgery Institute, San Francisco, CA

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